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With a Master's degree in Public Health and 25 years experience, Sharon Goodmonson provides the expertise needed to help clients lose up to 2 - 5 lbs per week (results will vary). Through this weight loss, clients have reduced medications for blood pressure, Type 2 diabetes, and high cholesterol! This program has been recommended by over 20,000 doctors since 1980 and is proven safe and effective....

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Klamath Falls Weight Loss offers top rated and professional Weight Loss in Bend. [Read More]

  • Weight Loss:
    Providing a comprehensive, clinically-proven program for optimal health including safe and rapid weight loss.
  • Specialties:
    Optimal health and weight loss coaching, emphasizing results for the long-term. Twenty-five years experience in behavioral and emotional changes.
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    Health coaching

Weight Loss Tips

Weight Loss Tips

Klamath Falls Weight Loss provides detailed tips and information on the most frequently asked questions to help you make the right choice. [Weight Loss ]

Effective Klamath Falls Weight Loss

You can have a healthier life when you lose weight.  When you are at an unhealthy weight, you can place a tremendous amount of strain on your vital organs, as well as the rest of your body.  In order to lose weight effectively and keep it off, you should turn to Klamath Falls Weight Loss for help.  We have assisted countless satisfied clients with their weight loss goals.

Why You Need the Right Weight Loss Program

All too often, individuals will use unrealistic diets and workout routines that never provide the desired results.  By working with a qualified professional who can help you achieve the best results possible, you will be able to meet and maintain your weight loss objectives. 

Having the professional help of a seasoned weight loss expert is the most effective way to succeed in your quest.  You can obtain the right amount of guidance and sound advice.  Through your interactions with a weight loss expert, you can adjust your lifestyle accordingly.  

How A Skilled Professional Can Help You

Understanding the factors in your life that result in unwanted weight gain is one of the most important aspects of any program.  You will learn how to deal with stress, anger and other triggers, as well as the how to eat healthy.  Meeting your goals is easier when you work with the right person and use the right program.

The Klamath Falls Weight Loss Difference

Our company is committed to your health and fitness, which is why we continue to be the go-to expert for so many clients who would like to lose weight.  We will take the time to understand your current health and create the program that will generate the results you are seeking. 

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